The Benny Book

Created by John Pointer

Yesterday Was Weird started as a simple post that went viral and helped millions of people cope with the grief of a loss, and remember the love that outshines it. It is now an illustrated hardcover book for anyone who has to face “weird days” of their own. There are three versions of the book: plain, paw-stamped, and stamped & signed. If you would like me to write anything special in the stamped & signed version, just send me a message and I’ll be happy to customize it for you, a friend, or a loved one. As you scroll through the other items in the store, there are still about 50 shirts available, but not in all designs, sizes, styles, or colors. Most of them are charcoal gray, but there are some in black and a very few left in baby blue. If you can’t seem to find what you want, email me and I’ll let you know if I have one. Please note: I am a one-man operation and will be out of the country, performing in Dubai from January 22nd through February 2nd. I can ship orders again starting Feb 3rd. If you have any questions, just send me an email:

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Something has gone wrong...
over 3 years ago – Sun, Apr 09, 2017 at 10:55:25 PM

For some reason, Kickstarter won't let me post a new update from my computer. First it was adding extra images for no good reason. Then when I finally hit "publish," it gave me a 404 "page not found" error.

So... I can't fix the mess up from the last post, which was that the top image is Option 2 and the bottom image is Option 1.

Frustrating, but... we shall endeavor to persevere! Please make sure your vote in the last post was for the correct number.

Thank you!

Narrowed Down and Bold!
over 3 years ago – Sun, Apr 09, 2017 at 09:47:27 PM

The designers made Option 1 bold to put it on more equal footing with Option 2.

Let me know which you prefer in the comments and we'll all make the choice together!

Each step brings us closer to the finish line! ❤️

Help select the font!
over 3 years ago – Sat, Apr 08, 2017 at 10:12:49 PM

The designers are digging in to the details and have narrowed it down to three fonts.

Which do you like best? Add a comment and let me know - Option 1, 2, or 3!

Two more milestones!
over 3 years ago – Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 12:06:31 AM

Today is a big day!

First milestone: I fine-tuned the text over the past week and feel confident that I've got the final version! Everything I did was pretty minor. I just wanted to tighten up the flow a little and take out some of the unnecessary repetitions. But the milestone is: I'm happy with it and it's now finalized for print!

Second milestone, related to the first but forward-looking: Everything the designers need is now in their hands and they will start work on the layout this weekend!

I'm really excited to see what kind of magic they work on it. I'm also feeling a funny mixture of relief that I've done everything I can at this point and nervousness over... basically nothing. Maybe the future? I don't know. 

It helps to look at the bracelet my friends Eric and Maria gave me and remind myself, nervousness is wasted energy. Benny would just wag his tail and dive into whatever came next.

So that's what I'll do. Here's to the next steps, all of which bring us closer and closer to the finished book!

Thank you all for helping to make it happen.

AKA Benny's Person

By the way, the backstory on this bracelet is beautiful. When Eric's father Barney passed, they made these for all their friends. Barney was an incredibly smart, worldly, successful, generous man, so I loved the reminder to follow his lead.

Eric and Maria have been very close friends for years and I even helped them choose a boxer, Roxie, after they fell in love with Benny. Barney was always impressed with Benny's obedience, especially the "place" command, where Benny would just sit in a chair until he was released.

Shortly after Benny's Weird Day, they had me over for dinner and in addition to just being fantastic, supportive friends, they gave me a small bag full of these. If you zoom in on any photo of me since then, you'll see this bracelet reminding me of both of those fantastic role models.

The Survey is Live!
almost 4 years ago – Tue, Feb 07, 2017 at 11:09:29 PM

Fantastic news, everyone! As you may have seen, the survey is live! That means several things:

First and foremost, the illustrations are all done!

Some of the images...
Some of the images...

Thank you all *so much* for your patience. This took much longer than I'd anticipated, but I'm *really* happy with the outcome! I hope you will be, too!

Some of you have already filled out the survey and several people have asked me to remind you what the designs look like for the shirts and posters, so here they are:

The "Super B" design is nice and simple, and looks like this:

"Super B"
"Super B"

 The "B Team" design looks like this:

"The B Team"
"The B Team"

The "I Gotcha" design looks like this:

I Gotcha
I Gotcha

 One note: I'm still tweaking the colors for the background in this one, so the heart shape may wind up looking *slightly* different - I think I want it to look a little more vibrant and warm.

The large, screen-printed, gallery-quality print will be a large copy of the cover of the book, which will look very similar to the following design. Again... I may tweak the heart in the background to look more vibrant and the text will be in a different, custom-made font based on my handwriting:

Book Cover Mockup
Book Cover Mockup

Let me know if you have any issues at all with the surveys or with BackerKit. You can change your pledge rewards and add items, but you don't have to. If you were one of the original backers, you should only have to enter your address. Contact me immediately if you have a problem or question, though.

I can't believe we're so close! Thanks again for all your encouragement and support!

AKA Benny's Person